Teenager Found Guilty of Murder and Rape

Baltimore Courthouse

On June 29, a jury found Tyrone Harvin guilty of first-degree murder, first-degree rape, and using a weapon with intent to injure after a three-day trial and two days of jury deliberation.

Harvin, now 17, was just 14-year-old when he raped and killed 83-year-old Dorothy Mae Neal on the 2400 block of Winchester Street on Aug. 29, 2018.

One of the 23 pieces of evidence contained DNA that matched Harvin. The DNA of the defendant was likely a match to sperm found in a condom on the scene. Baltimore Witness reported that a forensic analyst said there was a likely probability that Harvin’s DNA matches the DNA found in the condom.

The DNA analyst also discovered that each piece of evidence included at least two different DNA samples, acknowledging that more samples could be present on the 23 pieces of evidence.

Defense attorney Molly Ryan claimed that Harvin had less of a probability than his brothers of matching the suspect’s DNA.

A neurological psychologist, called by defense counsel, testified that the defendant, who has a neurodevelopmental disorder, thinks like a child of 7 or 8 years old.

A lab director also discredited the prosecution’s DNA analyst, questioning the analyst’s use of DNA matching software. The results were “sloppy,” he said, adding that mistakes would never be tolerated in his lab. 

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Jennifer B. Schiffer presided over the trial.

Harvin’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for January 2023.