Lab Director Criticizes Sloppy Work of DNA Analysts

Lab Director Criticized the Sloppy Work of a DNA Analysts

During the ongoing trial of homicide defendant Tyrone Harvin, he declined the option of testifying in court before Baltimore City Circuit Court. 

Harvin is charged with first-degree murder, first-degree rape, first-degree sex offense, perverted practice, and use of a deadly weapon with intent to injure in connection to the killing and raping Dorothy Mae Neal, 83, in August of 2018. 

Harvin’s defense attorney Deborah St. Jean called a neurological psychologist to testify. She testified about the defendant’s general, receptive, and cognitive ability evaluations in which Harvin scored in the bottom 3% percent quartile for all evaluations resulting in him having a neurodevelopmental disorder.

Next, Harvin’s neighbor also testified that the suspect she described on the night of the incident resembled the defendant pointing to Harvin when asked by the prosecutor. 

Lastly, St. Jean called a Lab Director that attended Harvard Medical school to testify.  During his testimony, he questioned the DNA discoveries made by the DNA analysts who criticized their “sloppy” work. The Lab Director also added that his lab will not accept the inaccuracies.

The prosecutor’s cross exam of the defendant’s neighbor’s testimony was called into question by the prosecutor who asked if the neighbor initially described the suspect as a 16 or 25-year-old. When asked to point at someone in the courtroom who resembled the man she described, she pointed to the defendant. 

The prosecutor also rebutted two witnesses, the DNA analyst and the lead detective. 

During the trial, Judge Jennifer B. Schiffer informed Tyrone Harvin of his right to testify or remain silent to which he declined to testify. 

Closing arguments will begin tomorrow morning.