• Over Half of Baltimore’s Homicide and Non-Fatal Shooting Trials Reach Guilty Verdicts
    The results of its continually decreasing backlog are beginning to emerge in the Baltimore City Circuit Court, where nearly 58 percent of all completed homicide and non-fatal shooting trials since mid-2021 ended with guilty verdicts. Baltimore Witness has reported 111 trials since July 2021, including jury trials before a 12-peer panel and bench trials before…
  • Oldest Victim in a Crime Dies in May
    There has been several victims ranging from ages 5 months to 83-years-old involved in homicides and non-fatal shootings between January 2022-September 2022. Baltimore Witness data shows that May has the oldest victim involved in a crime, while March shows the youngest victim.
  • Eastern Police District Has City’s Highest Count for Non-fatal Shootings
    With more than 500 non-fatal shootings in Baltimore City this year, the Eastern police district tops other areas in the city for shooting-related violence during the first nine months of the year, according to Baltimore Witness data. Data shows that the Eastern district accounted for 98 non-fatal shootings during the first nine months of the…
  • September 2022 Brings Record-Low Homicide Count in Baltimore City
    Baltimore City homicides plummeted to a mere 13 in September, decreasing more than 38 percent since August and becoming a record-low for 2022. According to Baltimore Witness data, February and August maintained the lowest number of homicides at 21 so far this year. With a decrease of eight homicides month over month, September 2022 also…
  • So Far, Most Homicides Occurred in June, Data Shows
    The graph below displays the total number of homicides and non-fatal shootings over the last nine months. According to the data, the month with the most homicides was June. More non-fatal shootings occurred In May than any other month. Chart created by Tiffany Word
  • Homicide and Non-Fatal Shooting Arrests
    The chart represents the number of arrests and non-arrests made of suspects involved in homicides, non-fatal shootings, and vehicular manslaughter this year. Out of 521 non-fatal shooting incidents, police arrested 51 suspects, Baltimore Witness data shows. Police apprehended 44 suspects of the 238 homicides that occurred. Chart created by Grace Guzzo