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We collect information about homicides and non-fatal shootings in Baltimore and keep data on what happens during the entire process of each case.

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Baltimore Witness provides transparency of the local system by focusing on homicides and non-fatal shooting cases as they progress through the Baltimore Courts.

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Trained reporters cover every case, every hearing, every life, every story.

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Our coverage does more by collecting and verifying violent crime data.

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There have been 198 homicides in Baltimore in 2023.

Count Details 2023 2022
Total Homicides 192 258
Police-Involved Homicides 0 1
Vehicular Homicides 6 2
Baltimore Police Department Homicide Count 191 251
Vehicular Accidents 11 11
Non-Fatal Shootings 480 558
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Our real-time map not only shows you where homicides are taking place in Baltimore. It also gives information on each incident.

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Wondering where a case is in the court system? Follow the timeline of each homicide and non-fatal shooting case Baltimore Witness is tracking.

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Baltimore Witness tracks homicide and non-fatal shooting cases from act to judicial resolution, gathering data on each incident. Would you like to see what the data shows? Check it out here.

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During our End of Year fundraising campaign, Baltimore Witness is asking for your help to continue to provide transparency of the local criminal justice system that has become broken due to outdated infrastructure and technology. Baltimore Witness is a unique 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization designed to harness information to address homicide and non-fatal shooting cases. Please help Baltimore Witness reach our year-end fundraising goal. We are hoping to raise $10,000 by Dec. 31. The tax-deductible donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar. Please consider helping support our work to bring transparency to our city's criminal justice system.