Judge Schedules April Trial for Trio Accused of Attempted Murder

Baltimore Courthouse

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On Feb. 15, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa K. Copeland scheduled a trial for three co-defendants, Sierra Hansley, Bianca Medley-Palmer and Dominick Graham, in connection to an incident in September 2023.

The defendants, Sierra Hansley, 38, Bianca Medley-Palmer, 33, and Dominick Graham, 36, are each charged with attempted first- and second-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, armed robbery, robbery, theft of items valued between $100 to under $1,500, carrying or wearing a handgun on their persons, having a handgun in a vehicle, firearm use in a felony violent crime and conspiracies to commit first-degree murder, assault and armed robbery. 

Additionally, Hansley is charged with illegal possession of a firearm and ammunition, while Medley-Palmer and Graham face extra charges of conspiracy to use a firearm in a felony violent crime.

Hansley was represented by Julie Shapiro, Medley-Palmer by James Sweeting III and Graham by Andrea Jaskulsky.

The defendants appeared before Judge Copeland during a reception court hearing where they were presented with plea offers. 

For attempted first-degree murder, the prosecution offered Hansley a plea of 50 years suspending all but 30 years with five years of probation and an order to stay away from the victim.

For firearm use in a felony or violent crime, the prosecution offered Hansley five years, without the possibility of parole, to run concurrently to the attempted murder sentence. Under the terms of the plea, Hansley would also be required to register as a gun offender.

For attempted first-degree murder, the prosecution offered Medley-Palmer and Graham 40 years, suspending all but 20 years with five years of probation and an order to stay away from the victim.

All three defendants and their attorneys declined the plea deal and will be tried together in a trial beginning on April 16. Judge Robert K. Taylor, Jr. will preside over the case.

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