Judge Adds Special Instructions to 2021 Murder Defendant’s Plea

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“The agent is to confirm you have this at every visit.”

Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Ronald A. Silkworth told a convicted murderer he was required to carry a photo of his victim at all times as part of his plea on Feb. 21. 

During Tuesday’s hearing, defendant Richard Crowner, who is represented by Isabel Lipman, accepted a plea of 10 years for manslaughter; and a concurrent sentence of 20 years, suspending all but 10 years, without the possibility of parole for the first five years. The defendant will also be required to register as a gun offender and stay away from the victim’s family. 

Judge Silkworth added that Crowner, 21, would also be required to complete his GED within the first year of probation, remain drug free, in addition to keeping the photo of Terrell Caldwell on him.

“You need to make sense of your life in a positive way,” said Judge Silkworth.

In a victim impact statement, Caldwell’s sister reminded the court that he “was loved by many” and was looking forward to “seeing his nephew cross the stage.” She went on to note that the assistant state’s attorney should have done “better than what was offered” and insisted that the defendant was “capable of doing it again.”

Judge Silkworth stated that he wished he could “do more for the family.”

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