Homicide Trial Delayed Four Months After Judge Objects to Witness’ Remote Testimony

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The retrial of a man charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend was postponed until May after a Baltimore City Circuit Court judge objected to a witness testifying remotely.

The murder case against 38-year-old Jason Alcindor has been ongoing for nearly six years following a fight between the defendant and Timothy Campbell on June 5, 2017, at a gas station on the 2700 block of Washington Boulevard. The Baltimore Sun previously reported that the 44-year-old victim was allegedly involved in a romantic relationship with Alcindor’s ex-girlfriend.

Alcindor was found guilty in 2018; however, his case was sent back to the circuit court on an appeal.

On Jan. 30, the defendant, defense attorney Matthew Connell, and the prosecutor appeared before Judge Charles Peters for a scheduled jury selection when the prosecution requested the court allow a medical examiner to testify remotely, which he said the witness had done during Alcindor’s previous trial. The judge later objected to remote testimony, and the case was sent to reception court, where it was rescheduled for May 30 before Judge Jeannie Hong.

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