Defendant Charged With Murder of a Fellow Inmate Schedules Continuance After Co-Defendant Takes Plea

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On Sept. 12, Khalil Madden was scheduled to appear in court in front of Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge John Addison Howard for the murder of an inmate while in prison. 

Madden is charged with first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, having a deadly weapon with the intent to injure and possession of a weapon while in confinement/detention. 

Madden, 30, missed his appearance due to transportation delays, but his defense attorney, Staci Pipkin, was there in order to speak on his behalf. 

On the day that Madden was scheduled to appear in court, co-defendant Cristino Flores-Perez accepted a plea deal. Based on these factors, Pipkin and the prosecutor went to reception court in front of Judge Melissa M. Phinn the next day in order to schedule Madden’s trial. Madden’s appearance was again waived, and Judge Phinn continued the hearing to Oct. 13.

According to documents from the District Court of Maryland, officers from the Department of Public Safety Correctional Services Intelligence and Investigative Unit responded to a report of inmate-on-inmate assault on August 27, 2021. Upon arrival, they located inmate Shane Burton with 11 stab wounds. 

After thorough investigation, officers discovered that the incident occurred in Madden’s cell. Madden shared a cell with Flores-Perez, who was also involved in the incident.

Based on surveillance footage, commotion seemed to occur after Burton was seen entering the defendants’ cell. Investigators recovered bloodstained clothing and homemade sharpened weapons in the cell.

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