Attempted Murder Defendant Rejects 30-Year Plea in Domestic Dispute Turned Shooting

On Sept. 21, a Baltimore man accused of attempted murder rejected a plea of 30 years before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa M. Phinn.

Alvin Cunningham is charged with two counts each of first and second-degree attempted murder each, two counts each of first and second-degree assault. He also faces several firearm charges, including possessing a firearm with a drug conviction and selling a stolen pistol in connection to an incident on Feb. 15 alongside his co-defendant Pierrerea Henry. 

Baltimore Witness previously reported that Cunningham, 35, accompanied Henry, his girlfriend at the time, to pick up her child, who was at the child’s father’s home. Cunningham’s defense attorney Donald Wright said the child’s father became “verbally abusive and aggressive” toward Henry. The two men eventually engaged in a physical altercation when Cunningham intervened.

Prosecutors said that at some point, the father got into a car, and Cunningham allegedly shot into the vehicle, not hitting anyone inside.

Cunningham and his defense attorney Singleton Matthew, a stand-in for Wright, rejected a plea of 30 years, suspending all but 20 years with five years probation for two counts of second-degree attempted murder. 

Under the plea, the defendant would have had to stay away from the victim and take anger management courses. Cunningham’s trial is scheduled for March 27, 2023 and is expected to last four days with Judge Videtta A. Brown presiding.