Domestic Dispute Leads to Attempted Murder Charges

A dispute between exes ended with shots fired and two people charged for attempted murder, one of whom was released on home detention on Aug. 2.

Baltimore native Alvin Cunningham appeared in Baltimore City Circuit Court for a bail review on Tuesday for the attempted murder of his girlfriend’s baby’s father on Feb. 15.

According to defense attorney Donald Wright, Cunningham went with his girlfriend, Pierrerea Henry, who is also charged with attempted murder, to pick up her baby from her baby’s father. Wright alleged that the baby’s father became “verbally abusive and aggressive” toward Henry. Cunningham intervened, which led to a physical altercation between the two men.

The prosecution told Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Jones that when the baby’s father got into his car, Cunningham allegedly fired a handgun at the car, hitting the rear passenger window.

The victim was not shot, Wright said.

“Mr. Cunningham vehemently denies firing a firearm or having a firearm,” the defense attorney told Judge Jones. Although it was clear a gun was fired, he noted that it remains unclear who fired the gun and the shooter’s intention.

The prosecution countered, saying officers with the Baltimore Police Department recovered the handgun used in the shooting from the defendant’s residence days later after executing a search warrant.

“The fact that he brought the gun to the location predicts he was going to cause some harm,” the prosecutor said.

Cunningham was arrested on March 3.

“The facts support an accidental discharge or attempt to maliciously destroy property,” Wright said.

“Or reckless endangerment and first-degree assault,” Judge Jones added to which Wright agreed.

Judge Jones concluded that she found cause to release Cunningham on private home detention. The defendant is next scheduled to appear in reception court on Sept. 21.