Woman Found Guilty of Ex’s Attempted Murder in June 2022

Baltimore Courthouse

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Homicide defendant Shanikiqua Jones was found guilty of attempted second-degree murder on March 20 in connection to a shooting last summer involving her ex-girlfriend and three others.

In addition to two counts of attempted second-degree murder, Jones was also found guilty of first-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and three weapons charges before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Erik Atas.

The 30-year-old defendant is scheduled for sentencing on Aug. 4.

During her closing argument on March 17, the prosecutor referred to Jones’ jail calls—previously played for the jury—when the defendant is heard saying that she always leaves her house with her gun in case “anything goes down.” Jones also says that she did not intend to hurt anyone, the prosecutor noted.

Jones’ charges stemmed from a four-person shooting on June 27, 2022, when the defendant was upset after learning that her ex-girlfriend had a hickey on her neck. Over the course of the trial, the prosecution argued that Jones drove a two-door Honda Accord to the crime scene, pulled out a handgun, and fired multiple shots into a vehicle with occupants, including her ex-girlfriend and three others.

Defense attorney Koryn High previously argued that an occupant of the other car fired at Jones first before she returned fire.

“You heard testimony from [one of the other car’s occupants] that as soon as Ms. Jones saw her car, [the defendant] made a U-turn and followed behind her,” the prosecutor said, explaining that the car’s driver then pulled over because she didn’t want to be shot while driving.

At this time, Jones was said to have gotten out of her car and fired into the other car.

Although a Baltimore Police officer allegedly witnessed the shooting, High countered, the officer testified that he saw the victims’ car pull up to the area and a man fire an AR-15-style rifle. The officer also said that the two-door car began driving away and was followed by the other car.

There was no testimony that Jones’ ex-girlfriend was afraid of the defendant, High added.

“My client did not intend or have the motive to commit first-degree attempted murder,” she said.

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