State’s Attorney’s Office Drops All Charges Against Keith Davis Jr.

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After eight years of incarceration and multiple trials, the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office dropped all charges against Keith Davis Jr. on Jan. 13 for the fatal shooting of Kevin Jones in addition to an alleged attempted murder.

Davis has had four trials resulting in either mistrial or overturned convictions. His fifth trial was originally scheduled for this May.

“The dismissal of all criminal charges against Keith Davis Jr. is the result of a thorough review of his prosecution, thus far, as well as thoughtful consideration of what it means to seek justice in Baltimore City, not only for the [State’s Attorney’s Office], but victims and their families, those criminally charged, and the residents of Baltimore City,” a news release reported Friday morning.

The statement said the decision was made after meetings with both the victims and their families.

Davis was facing murder charges for an incident in 2015 when he was accused of fatally shooting Jones, a Pimlico Security guard, who was on his way to work. Police fired 44 rounds at Davis, hitting him three times.

The defendant was later charged with attempted murder in May 2021 for an alleged jailhouse fight that occurred the previous year.

Davis was represented by defense attorney Deborah Levi.

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