September 2022 Brings Record-Low Homicide Count in Baltimore City

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Baltimore City homicides plummeted to a mere 13 in September, decreasing more than 38 percent since August and becoming a record-low for 2022.

According to Baltimore Witness data, February and August maintained the lowest number of homicides at 21 so far this year. With a decrease of eight homicides month over month, September 2022 also showed a significant decline since this time last year when 27 homicides were reported in the city.

The majority of last month’s homicides were reported in the southwestern district for a total of four, followed by three homicides in the eastern district. The northeastern and southern districts each had two homicides in September, while the western district reported one homicide.

Only one of the 13 homicides was reported as as a stabbing, which occurred on the 1400 block of East Monument Street on Sept. 6. Baltimore Police arrested 33-year-old Gordon Staron two days later in connection to the murder of 63-year-old Keith Bell.

Staron is currently scheduled for a preliminary hearing in Baltimore City District Court on Oct. 11 for charges of first and second-degree murder as well as assault and use of a deadly weapon with the intent to injure.

The northern, northwestern and central districts reported no homicides last month. This drastically differs from September 2021, when all of the city’s districts had between one and six reported homicides.

There was no more than one homicide a day in September 2022, while six of the homicides occurred on back-to-back days. 

Non-fatal shootings last month heavily outweighed the 58 non-fatal shootings in September.

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