Private Attorney Takes Over Homicide Case for Public Defender’s Office

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A private attorney has been assigned to the homicide case of Baltimore resident William Holland after an assistant public defender informed Baltimore City Circuit Court of a conflict of interest with the Maryland Office of the Public Defender for Baltimore City on Nov. 17.

The Office of the Public Defender utilizes private attorneys, also known as panel attorneys, should there be a conflict of interest in a case. Assistant Public Defendant Megan Lewis did not discuss the details of the conflict of interest but said the panel attorney will be Angela Shelton.

During reception court on Wednesday, the prosecution also relayed a plea of life, suspending all but 80 years, for first-degree murder, firearm use in a felony violent crime, and attempted first-degree murder. Holland is also facing multiple firearms charges as well as counts of attempted armed robbery and attempted armed carjacking for an incident on Dec. 14, 2020.

Holland rejected the offer.

The prosecution told Judge Melissa M. Phinn that they were not ready for trial as there was some outstanding discovery she was waiting to receive from the Baltimore Police Department as well as a secondary witness statement to pass along to the defense counsel.

Counsel previously said they were waiting on police body camera footage, financial records, and gun examination reports during Holland’s last court appearance in October.

A trial date was not scheduled on Wednesday due to scheduling issues but is likely to be set in the new year.

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