Police Department Announces Additional Arrest in Brooklyn Homes Critical Incident

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Acting Commissioner Richard J. Worley, along with Mayor Brandon M. Scott and State’s Attorney Ivan J. Bates announce an arrest in the Brooklyn Homes Critical Incident.

On Sept. 13, members of the Warrant Apprehension Task Force arrested a 15-year-old juvenile male of Baltimore at a residence.

Detectives believe this individual fired a weapon at several individuals on the 800 block of Gretna Court.

Detectives will transport the male to the Central Booking Intake Facility, where he will be formally charged with 44 offenses to include attempted first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder, attempted second-degree murder, reckless endangerment and loaded handgun on person.

“BPD continues to work aggressively and diligently on the criminal investigation into the July 2, Brooklyn Homes critical incident,” said Acting Commissioner Richard J. Worley. “I want to thank the tireless work of our Homicide Detectives and members of our operations bureau, along with our law enforcement partners and our community. We will continue to follow every lead and pursue all of those that were involved in this incident to bring justice to the families and the Brooklyn Homes community.”

“The devastating effects of this act of violence have continued to ripple through our city and especially our Brooklyn community,” said Mayor Brandon M. Scott. “We will continue pursuing justice for our residents, and, while each arrest brings us closer, there is still a long road ahead to heal the trauma this community is experiencing. This is an ongoing, extensive investigation and it remains imperative that every tip and angle is tracked down. I know the detectives are working this case around the clock, with the utmost care and diligence – and I thank them for their work. Together, we can hold those responsible accountable and move forward as a city, committed to building a better, safer Baltimore.”

Detectives have confirmed that the 15-year-old male was previously arrested on Aug. 30, for a handgun violation.

“It is evident by the continued arrests in this case that law enforcement is committed to ensuring every individual who pulled a trigger at the Brooklyn Day shooting is held accountable for their reckless actions that wreaked havoc on our beloved city,” said State’s Attorney Ivan J. Bates. “My office will continue working with our partners at BPD and the state and federal levels to deliver justice for the victims and their families. While we cannot undo the immense trauma inflicted on the Brooklyn community, we can ensure that these acts of violence are met with swift and certain consequences.”

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