Non-Fatal Shooting Defendant’s Sentence May Be Reconsidered

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On Feb. 12, a 62-year-old defendant appeared before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Lynn S. Mays for a non-fatal shooting.

Michael Breckenridge was found guilty of second-degree assault and the firearm use in a felony violent crime on Oct. 6, 2023.

Defense attorney Roya Hanna motioned for a new trial stating that this was a self-defense case. When Judge Mays denied the motion, Hanna asked that Breckenridge be granted probation before judgment, meaning a guilty verdict would be removed from the record

Supporters were allowed to speak on behalf of the defendant. Breckenridge’s employee stated he is “a loving and carrying father, as well as a loving and carrying friend,” and his ex-wife explained Breckenridge is “worth it to be given forgiveness.” All asked Judge Mays many times for leniency for the sentencing. 

The judge sentenced Breckenridge to five years without the possibility of parole for second-degree assault and firearm use in a felony violent crime. He is eligible for home detention. The judge also asked that counsel to be prepared to come back on May 1 for a post-sentence motion on behalf of the defendant for reconsideration of today’s sentence. 

Court documents state on Jan. 15, 2023, the Baltimore Police Department received a report of a shooting on the 300 block of West Franklin Street outside the Place Lounge. Surveillance footage showed Breckenridge pushing the victim then hitting him with his firearm which was in his holster. This physical altercation resulted in the firearm’s going off and striking the victim.

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