Nearly 78 Percent of Accepted Plea Agreements Involved Non-Fatal Shootings, Data Shows

Baltimore Witness data has accounted for approximately 68 accepted plea agreements from June 14, 2021, to Jan. 25, 2022, for non-fatal shootings or homicides. Of the 68 plea agreements, nearly 78 percent involved non-fatal shootings, while the remaining 22 percent involved homicides.

Data shows that agreements included terms for time suspended. Specifically, four defendants convicted of homicide between August 2021 and December 2021 received plea terms that suspended portions of the sentences.

In August and November of last year, Tyrell Smith and Arnell Hoskinson each received life, suspending all but 20 years, in their separate cases. Time suspended was granted once more in cases for Alicia Lawson and Ashley Thorne. Each defendant received life, suspending all but 30 years, in their cases in August and December, respectively.

While non-fatal shooting pleas also include terms with time suspended, sentences were often under a decade as was the case with plea agreements accepted by non-fatal shooting defendants: Rogue Nahum, Jackson Perez-Gerson, Derron Demory, and Roy Stocks between September 2021 and October 2021. The four defendant’s received plea terms that were under four years.

View our data in the table below.

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