My Summer Internship at Baltimore Witness

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My experience at Baltimore Witness was definitely something that I consider very valuable.

While working for Baltimore Witness, I learned how to work effectively in groups while writing our group articles about what we heard in court. That is something that I appreciate because I will have to work with others in every aspect of my career. 

I also improved my professional writing skills while working for Baltimore Witness. What I enjoyed most about working here was getting to experience going to court in person. Being able to see lawyers argue cases for their clients was very intriguing. I was also able to see first-hand how judges like Melissa Phinn and Melissa Copeland lead court proceedings. They had to be able to set court dates for countless cases, all while making sure that schedules didn’t overlap. 

What I disliked most about working for Baltimore Witness was that everything was held over Zoom. Because everything was over a phone call, it felt like we were doing the same thing everyday without making a real impact. 

Also, there were some days where we were in court. I would have liked to have been assigned our project earlier so we can interact with nonprofits and each other even more. I loved interviewing Lili Elkins with ROCA Baltimore, and I think going forward that Baltimore Witness should engage their interns more by talking to people who are a part of making change in Baltimore communities.

Overall, I enjoyed my time here and I am grateful that I was selected to work for Baltimore Witness as my first internship

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