May Breaks Record for Most Non-Fatal Shootings This Year

Baltimore City saw its highest number of non-fatal shootings in May, increasing approximately 33 percent since April.

According to Baltimore Witness data, 64 non-fatal shootings occurred throughout the city in May over the 48 shootings reported in April. The number of non-fatal shootings last reached the 60s in March when 62 shootings were reported.

The total number of homicides last month decreased approximately 25 percent over the previous month, yet tripled in the city’s eastern district from three homicides in April to nine in May. Additional increases in homicides occurred in the northern district by two, and the southeastern and central districts by one.

Last month, Baltimore City had a four-day streak of homicides between May 26 and May 29 when seven homicides occurred, including a triple shooting on the 400 block of North East Avenue on May 28.

Baltimore Police Department officers responded to the scene for reports of gunfire and found the bodies of 23-year-old Daywarn Walker and later 31-year-old Michael Ross.

A 35-year-old man was also found with non-life threatening injuries, and no arrests have been reported.

In the northwest, homicides decreased 100 percent, plummeting from the eight homicides reported in April, followed by an approximate 64-percent decrease in the southern district.

Homicides also declined in the northeastern and southwestern districts, while the western district maintained the same number of homicides, one, in May.