Man Found Guilty of Attempted Murder for Shooting at Reisterstown Road Gas Station

A Baltimore City jury sat quietly on April 6 to watch gas station surveillance footage of a shooting on Reisterstown Road nearly one year earlier. Meanwhile, the prosecution filled in the details behind the silent video, identifying the shooter as attempted homicide defendant Joseph Moulden.

On April 7, the 48-year-old defendant was found guilty of two counts of attempted first-degree murder, three counts of firearm use in a felony violent crime, and single counts of first-degree assault, reckless endangerment, and five weapons charge before Circuit Court Judge Yolanda Tanner.

During closing arguments on Thursday, the prosecutor pointed to a TV screen that she said showed Moulden pull into a parking lot in a Jeep Cherokee and approach a woman standing by a kiosk. The altercation quickly became physical as Moulden hit the woman, pulled out a gun, and pistol-whipped her.

Moments later, the defendant opened fire and was shot in the process.

“There were so many choices that the defendant made that led to the consequences of him getting shot,” the prosecutor said. “We know that the defendant fired more rounds—certainly more rounds than were necessary.”

The other alleged shooter was unidentified.

In reference to Moulden’s statement to Baltimore Police, the prosecutor also said that the defendant said he was under the influence of alcohol and ecstasy that evening. Although he claimed self-defense, she added, “the video is very clear of who the initial aggressor was.”

“This woman never put her hands on him,” the prosecutor said. “This is a grown man, 166 pounds, hovering over this woman. He is not in imminent danger of bodily harm.”

Defense attorney Lawrence Rosenberg began his argument by discussing reasonable doubt, asking the jurors whether they would take money they’ve saved for a dream home or retirement and invest it in the prosecution’s case.

“I would think not. That’s reasonable doubt,” he said.

Rosenberg also questioned why none of the four victims were present in court to testify, noting that the woman in the video was the initial aggressor, slapping the defendant’s hand away when he pointed at her.

“You can think that he’s guilty,” Rosenberg concluded. “That’s not enough.”

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