Man Charged in Shootout at Fried Chicken Restaurant Denied Bail

A Baltimore man allegedly involved in a shootout at a New York Fried Chicken restaurant was denied bail on Jan. 11 at Baltimore City Circuit Court.

Tyree Reynolds, 19, is charged with first and second-degree attempted murder, first and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, firearm use during a felony violent crime, having a handgun on his person, and having a gun within 100 yards of the public.

On Tuesday, the prosecution informed the court that Reynolds was released on his own recognizance for a separate handgun charge at the time of the shootout in July 2021 when he and Antone Towson allegedly chased the victim into New York Fried Chicken on the 3100 block of West North Avenue. When the victim attempted to leave, he allegedly pulled out his own gun and fired at Reynolds and Towson.

Reynolds then ran to the side of the building and began shooting at the victim when he exited the restaurant. The prosecutor said gunfire was exchanged between the victim, Reynolds, and Towson, all three of whom were injured and taken to hospitals where Baltimore Police Department officers got involved.

Given the allegations, Judge Philip S. Jackson denied bail for Reynolds who is scheduled to appear in reception court on Feb. 7. He is represented by defense attorney John Cox.

Antone Towson was previously denied bail in November 2021.