Man Accused of Woman’s Murder ‘Needed Control’ Over Victim, Prosecutor Says

Baltimore Courthouse

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At that start of the jury trial for homicide defendant Calvin McCrea, a Baltimore City prosecutor told jurors that this case will be about control.

“It’s human nature to want to have control over your life,” the prosecutor said on March 28 during the trial’s opening statements before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry Williams. However, McCrea “needed control” over 33-year-old Antone Suggs.

The 39-year-old defendant is charged with Suggs’ murder that occurred on the 4900 block of Stafford Street on July 18, 2019. According to the prosecutor, McCrea and Suggs got into an argument, which their son heard as he woke up for work.

Suggs’ eldest son allegedly reported that he saw his mother walk up the street, while McCrea followed her in his white Cadillac. The defendant is accused of shooting Suggs three times.

“McCrea is responsible for taking Antone’s life,” the prosecutor said. “It will be in your control to find McCrea guilty of assault and the murder of Antone.”

On the other end of the argument was defense attorney Brandon Mead, who told the jury that it is the prosecution’s job to prove McCrea’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt—a task she will not be able to complete in this trial.

Mead encouraged jurors to watch how witnesses respond to counsels’ questions and closely review the evidence.

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