Jury In Deliberation For 2020 Homicide Case

Baltimore Courthouse

The jury trial for homicide defendant Arthur Holt continued with testimony from four witnesses on July 28 before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry G. Williams

Holt, 29, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder, use of a firearm during a violent crime, and possession of a firearm with a felony conviction for allegedly shooting 20-year-old Dontrell Toliver. His co-defendant 35-year-old Keith Gladden pleaded guilty to murder and received a sentence of a life sentence, suspending all but 50 years in March.

Holt’s trial began on July 27 with opening statements given by both the prosecution as well as Holt’s defense attorney, Catherine Flynn.

The prosecution continued presenting their case on July 28.

The prosecutor called three detectives to the stand who were involved in this case’s investigation. The detectives testified about the store footage collected that captured the incident and were able to identify Holt as a suspect based on still images that were produced from the footage. 

The prosecutor also played the footage for the jury that showed both Holt and his co-defendant carrying guns just before the time of the incident and later fleeing the scene of the crime

The prosecution also called a forensic expert to the stand who testified that, based on the bullets recovered from the scene, she was able to conclude that two guns were used. 

The trial then concluded with both sides giving closing statements. The prosecution urged the jurors to find Holt guilty based on the store footage. However, Flynn urged the jurors to find Holt not guilty, stating that it is not him who is shown in the video. 

The jury began deliberations on July 28. 

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