Judge Schedules Trial for Homicide Co-Defendants

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Two homicide defendants had their trial set by Judge Melissa M. Phinn on Oct. 4 for an incident that occurred in 2019. 

Dante Gregg and Gary Watkins are charged with first-degree murder, first-degree attempted murder, conspiracy to commit first-degree murder and use of a firearm in a felony violent crime in connection to an incident on Feb. 7, 2020.

According to The Baltimore Sun, Watkins allegedly got into an argument with 25-year-old Devante Smith and his girlfriend over missing drugs. Watkins allegedly left and returned with three masked men. They proceeded to allegedly shoot the 23-year-old woman and fatally shot Smith. The Sun reported that Gregg was arrested in July and charged for the crime that occurred in Perkins Homes at the 300 block of Mason Court.

The prosecution offered Gregg, 21, a plea of life, suspending all but 40 years, with five years probation for first-degree murder.

Watkins, 56, was offered a plea of life, suspending all but 50 years, with five years of probation, for first-degree murder, and 15 years to run concurrently for attempted first-degree murder. 

Both defendants rejected the pleas offered to them.

Judge Phinn scheduled the trial for the two co-defendants to start on May 8, 2023. The trial is expected to last five days with Judge Lawrence R. Daniels presiding.

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