Judge Releases Attempted Murder Defendant from Home Detention

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A Baltimore City Circuit Court judge released a defendant on her own recognizance in a bail hearing on June 8.

Keisha Clark and her attorney, Andre Mahasa, stood before Judge Jennifer B. Schiffer and asked for Clark to be released on her own recognizance and no longer abide by the rules of home detention.

The prosecutor for the case stated she was not opposed. Clark, 46, shares a child with the victim in the case. The victim requested she be released due to him worrying about their child’s schooling and other activities. 

Clark never violated the rules of home detention. Judge Schiffer stated she believed the best and least restrictive circumstance for Clark was to be released on her own recognizance. Judge Schiffer released her and reiterated that Clark’s trial date is set for Sept. 29 before herself.

Clark is charged with attempted first- and second-degree murder, first- and second-degree assault, reckless endangerment, attempted armed robbery, attempted robbery, theft less than $100, handgun use in committing a crime, conspiracy to commit first- and second-degree murder, conspiracy to commit first- and second-degree assault, conspiracy to commit armed robbery and robbery, conspiracy to commit theft less than $100 and conspiracy to use a firearm in a felony violent crime all in connection to a May 5, 2021 incident.

Clark and her co-defendant, Tyrelle Fields, 39, are accused of devising a plan for Fields to shoot Clark’s ex-boyfriend on the 700 block of North Paca Street. The victim was shot in his arm and leg.

Fields’ trial is scheduled on Sept. 25, also before Judge Schiffer.

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