Judge Hands Down Time Served, Home Detention to Man Accused of Attempted Murder on Roslyn Avenue

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Attempted homicide defendant Tracey Louis Crosby Hargrove was sentenced to time served and supervised probation on May 24 in connection to violent dispute along Roslyn Avenue in April 2022.

In addition to attempted murder, Hargrove was also facing conspiracy, assault, and weapons charges. Although scheduled for trial on Wednesday, Hargrove accepted the prosecution’s plea offer of 20 years, suspending all but time served, for conspiracy to commit assault, and a concurrent five years, suspending all but time served, for second-degree assault.

Under the plea, Hargrove also received five years of supervised probation, three of which are to be served on home detention via GPS monitoring. Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Jones agreed to allow Hargrove to leave his home for work and allotted him seven hours per week to get groceries, attend medical appointments, or address other personal needs.

Hargrove was represented by defense attorney, Thomas Rafter.

The incident in questions occurred on the 2600 block of Roslyn Avenue on April 16, 2022, when the two victims—an engaged couple—were inside their apartment and heard someone banging on the front door of an apartment across the hall. According to court documents, the male victim told Baltimore Police that when his fiancée said, “Can’t they see that no one is home,” the woman who was banging on the door responded, “Mind your own f—ing business.”

Police learned that Hargrove’s mother lived in the apartment across from the victims.

The female victim and the other woman, later identified as Alicia Ford, then had an argument that turned physical. Ford told the couple that she would be back and drove off in a blue Dodge Avenger.

About 30 minutes later, the couple was walking home from the store and saw the Dodge Avenger speeding towards them and attempting to hit them. Another vehicle drove passed them and stopped at the corner of Roslyn and Elsinor avenues.

At that time, Ford got out of the driver’s side of the Dodge Avenger alongside a man—later identified as Hargrove—who got out of the passenger’s side. Two other unidentified men got out of the other vehicle, court documents state.

Carrying a handgun, Hargrove chased after the male victim, while Ford chased the female victim. The female victim later told police that she saw Hargrove attempting to fire the gun, but it was “making a clicking noise.”

“My mom is sick and y’all starting this bulls—. I should kill your a–,” Hargrove said, according to the victims, as the other two men attempted to punch the male victim. 

When the female victim tripped over a speed bump, Ford stabbed her multiple times and told Hargrove, “Baby, let’s go,” after telling the female victim that “you better not tell anybody and it better not come back on my momma or I’m gonna come back and f— ing kill you.”

Ford later accepted a plea on May 16 for 20 years, suspending all but six years, for first-degree assault; a concurrent two years and five years of supervised probation for use of a deadly weapon with the intent to injure; and a concurrent two years for threatening and intimidating a witness.

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