Judge Denies Bail for Shooting Defendant

A 15-year-old teenager was denied bail on Nov. 18 after he allegedly fired a gun at a car on his way home from school.

During bail review on Thursday, the teen’s defense attorney, Tony Garcia, informed Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Philip S. Jackson that his client was walking home with his cousins after a half-day at school when someone with a gun drove by in a Honda. Garcia said there was “some kind of exchange” between the defendant and driver, and the driver shot at the teen who then allegedly fired shots back.

The juvenile is currently charged with attempted murder and has no prior criminal history.

The date, time, and location of the incident were not discussed.

The defense attorney discussed a possible argument of self-defense, noting that his client continues to receive support from his family and school.

“It’s a concern that a gun was available to him,” Garcia said. “We were informed that one of the other young men with him handed him the gun.”

Garcia added that the juvenile was pre-approved for electronic monitoring and that his mother is a supervisor at a mental health clinic who can assist her son upon release.

The prosecution dismissed the argument of self-defense, saying that the juvenile shot first in broad daylight. The shooting injured two bystanders, one of whom was shot by the defendant.

“The fact that he had a gun at 15 years old is a little bit terrifying,” the prosecutor said, requesting he be held without bail as he is a threat to the victim and public safety.

Judge Jackson agreed and denied bail.