Judge Declines Defense’s Motion to Postpone

Attempted homicide defendant Keontae Jackson and her defense attorney, Judit Otvos, motioned to postpone trial during a hearing on Aug. 3 before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge LaZette Ringgold-Kirksey

Jackson, 26, is charged with attempted first and second-degree murder, armed carjacking, carjacking, first-degree assault, use of a firearm during a violent crime, car theft, unauthorized removal of property, having a handgun within 100 yards of a public place, having a handgun in her vehicle, and having a handgun on her person in connection to an incident on Oct. 26, 2021. 

During Wednesday’s hearing, Otvos and Jackson filed a motion to postpone trial due to the current lack of evidence. Otvos argued that she does not have all the prosecutor’s evidence, including medical records that haven’t been given to the defense, nor has the prosecution provided body camera footage.

Otvos also informed Judge Ringgold-Kirksey that the prosecutor recently provided a plea of life suspending all but 25 years with 5 years on supervised probation for attempted first-degree murder. However, Jackson still needs time to decide on the offer. 

The prosecutor objected to the defense’s motion to postpone, arguing that they are prepared for trial. 

Judge Ringgold Kirksey sent the case to Judge Melissa M. Phinn, who declined the motion to postpone. Judge Phinn also ordered that a trial must be set before the defendant’s Hicks date on Oct. 2. The Hicks date stipulates that the court has approximately 120 days after the date defendant or the defendant’s defense attorney to bring a case to trial.

Jackson is scheduled for a hearing to set a trial date on Aug. 4.