Judge Declares Mistrial in Former HBO Actress Murder Trial

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After three days of an ongoing trial with counsel presenting evidence and witnesses giving emotional testimony, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Gregory Sampson declared a mistrial in the murder trial of former HBO movie actress Lakeyria Doughty due to a hung jury on June 24. 

Despite testimony from Doughty herself and lengthy closing arguments on the final day of proceedings, the jury was unable to come to a verdict in a case with lots of complexity. 

During Doughty’s testimony, her reliability was questioned when she took the stand, admitting to lying to both investigators and family several times about the incident. 

Doughty testified that she lied because she was trying to protect her girlfriend, the victim, Tiffany Wilson. Doughty said Wilson attacked her with a knife as she was trying to pack her things and leave their house. 

Doughty claimed Wilson slashed the back of her leg and held her by the shirt with a knife in the other hand before Doughty was able to break free, which caused Wilson to lose her balance and fall into the kitchen counter, stabbing herself with the knife.

The prosecutor pointed out that Doughty admitted to lying to police as well as made her mother and ex-girlfriend lie multiple times about what happened, during closing arguments. 

“So that was another lie,” the prosecutor said repeatedly when reviewing Doughty’s story. 

The prosecutor added that in the 20 minutes between the stabbing and the arrival of the first responders, Doughty had time to create her story, and implied she could’ve manipulated evidence by moving the knife and washing her hands. 

Andrea Jaskulsky, Doughty’s defense attorney, argued that DNA evidence showed both women’s blood on the knife. There were also photographed injuries on Doughty’s leg and chest the night she was arrested, which Jakulsky said corroborated her story.

Plus, Jaskulsky argued, Doughty could’ve done anything else after the stabbing if she had intentionally killed Wilson besides immediately calling 9-1-1 and staying at the house.

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