Judge Declares Mistrial in First-Degree Murder Trial

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On Nov. 13, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Martin P. Welch declared a mistrial in the first-degree murder case of Levar Attura Octavies Cooper

Cooper, 45,  who is represented by defense attorney Michael Tomko, was charged with first-degree murder, firearm use in a felony violent crime, having a handgun on his person, having a handgun in a vehicle and firearm possession with a felony conviction. Cooper was charged in connection to the murder of 43-year-old Larry Alvin Randall, Jr., which occurred on May 10, 2021.

This mistrial was declared because of a hung jury. Cooper will need to appear in reception court to set a retrial date. This appearance has not been scheduled yet. 

In closing statements, the defense argued against the credibility of a witness who did not appear in court and had allegedly made contradictory statements.  

The witness changed his story to the police several times, but claimed that he let Cooper borrow his car and when he returned the car, he had a gun. 

According to documents from the District Court of Maryland, witnesses identified Cooper through video footage. Several eyewitnesses observed him exiting his car and allegedly shooting Randall three times on the 1100 block of Washington Boulevard. 

Notifications are not yet available for this specific case. Please check back later for updates. Thank you.