Judge Continues Hearing As Parties Work to Find Suitable Trial Date

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A homicide defendant rejected a plea offer from the prosecution on Nov. 15, opting to go to trial.

Shae-Von Edward is charged with first-degree murder, first-degree attempted murder, firearm use during a felony-violent crime, having a handgun in a vehicle on a public road and carrying/wearing a handgun on his person. Edward is charged with allegedly shooting 51-year-old Roderick Daniels and an unidentified 35-year-old man on the 5600 block of Haddon Avenue. Daniels died of his injuries at Sinai Hospital.

During the hearing, which was supposed to the day the defendant’s trial began, Edward, who was represented by defense attorney Creston Smith, rejected a plea for life, suspending all but 60 years in prison for murder.

However, parties could not reschedule the trial Tuesday because two of the prosecutors were not available. One was completing military duty and the other was reassigned to a trial.

According to the prosecution, which was led by a stand-in attorney for the unavailable prosecutor, a trial would take 5 days. A date of April 25, 2023, was offered because the prosecution had been specially set in trials until that date.

Smith noted that his client was growing very frustrated by the delay in trial, especially because it was through no fault of his own.

The parties are scheduled to go back in from of Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa Phinn on Nov. 22 to decide a trial date. Edward is currently incarcerated at the city jail.

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