Defendant to Serve Ten Years for Auto Body Shop Shooting

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A 43-year-old non-fatal shooting defendant pleaded guilty to first- degree assault June 25 before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Barry G. Williams.

Jason Estrada was charged with firearm possession with a felony conviction, possession of firearms in a controlled dangerous substances offense, four counts each of first- and second-degree assault, four counts of firearm use in a felony violent crime, reckless endangerment, having a handgun on his person, having a loaded handgun on his person and firing and discharging a handgun for an Aug. 15, 2023, incident. 

Estrada accepted the prosecution’s plea offer of 25 years, suspending all but five years, for first-degree assault to run consecutively to 15 years, suspending all but five years without the possibility of parole for firearm use in a felony violent crime. Upon release, Estrada will serve three years of supervised probation, register as a gun offender and be required to stay away from the victims and the incident location. 

Per the prosecution’s statement of facts, Estrada shot his gun once in the concrete floor of Peas and Sliders automotive repair shop on the 4000 block of West Belvedere Avenue after claiming the owners owed him money and threatening employees. Estrada received car repairs, but never paid for them or retrieved his car, leading to it being towed and eventually auctioned off. A witness identified Estrada to Baltimore Police Department investigators. 

After defense attorney Jason Rodriguez advised his client as to the rights he waived by pleading guilty, Judge Williams accepted Estrada’s guilty plea and sentencing him per the plea agreement. 

The prosecutor dropped all remaining charges against Estrada, including another pending case against him.

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