Baltimore Reaches Yearly Low for Non-Fatal Shootings as Homicides Remain Down

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May marked the lowest monthly total of non-fatal shootings that Baltimore has seen in 2024. Although homicide numbers rose from the yearly citywide low in April, May’s total remains among the lowest monthly citywide totals of 2024. 

Baltimore Witness data sourced from Baltimore Police Department press releases reveals that there were 26 non-fatal shootings throughout the city, a sharp decrease from 44 in April. Data also shows that there were 12 homicides in May, one up from April’s 11. 

The Eastern District led the city in homicides at three, including the death of a 40-year-old woman from trauma to the body on the 2100 block of East Preston Street. There were also two non-fatal shootings in the Eastern District. 

The Northern, Northwestern and Western districts had two homicides a piece, including the death of one teen and the wounding of another in a Western District shooting. Non-fatal shootings were down from April in the Northern, Northwestern and Western districts. The Northern and Northwestern districts had one and two nonfatal shootings, respectively. The Western District’s non-fatal shooting count was six, over a 50 percent decrease from April’s 14. 

There was only one homicide in the Southern, Southeastern and Southwestern districts. This marked an increase for the Southwestern District, which experienced no homicides in April, and a decrease for the Southeastern District, which led the city with three homicides in April. There was no change for the Southern District, which also experienced one homicide during the previous month. 

The Southwestern district experienced four non-fatal shootings, including the shooting of a 59-year-old man who was robbing a church construction site on the 100 block of South Mount Street. There were three non-fatal shootings in the Southern District and two non-fatal shootings in the Southeastern district. 

Two districts, the Northeastern and the Central, had no homicides in the month of May. The Northern and Central districts also each had one non-fatal shooting. 

There were four non-fatal shootings with unreported locations throughout the city in May. 

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