Homicides Decrease by 1 in September

Baltimore Witness data shows one less homicide in Baltimore in September from August.

According to Baltimore Witness data, there were 27 homicides recorded in Baltimore during the month, one less than the 28 homicides recorded in August.

The location for two of the homicides in September were not provided by the Baltimore Police Department.

Along with the 28 homicides in August, there was also an officer-involved shooting.

During the early morning hours on Aug. 8, Marcus Martin was fatally wounded by a SWAT officer as police responded to a call for an assault and weapons at a home located on the 6000 block of Alta Avenue.

As the night proceeded, two women, along with a male teenager, exited the home, while Martin, 40, remained inside. Officers learned he was armed with numerous firearms and had mental health issues.

Around 3:15 a.m. on Monday, Martin reportedly responded to the SWAT team’s “tactical measures” by opening fire. Baltimore Police officer Jerry Archambault shot back, killing Martin, who was pronounced dead by medics.

A map of homicides in Baltimore in August of 2021.