Homicide Defendant Set for Trial After Victim Dies 9 Years Later

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On June 30, Corey Jennings, a homicide defendant, rejected a plea of 20 years with five years probation, scheduling his trial for October before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Videtta A. Brown.

Jennings has been charged with first-degree murder, use of a firearm during a violent crime, and carrying a handgun on his person in connection with an incident that occurred 11 years ago on June 14, 2011. 

Jennings also pleaded guilty to attempted murder of 34-year-old Ryan Watson in October 2012 and is currently serving a 25-year sentence in prison. 

Nine years later while Watson was in hospice care he died from his injuries and medical examiners ruled his death a homicide less than a week later. 

Initially, on June 6, Jennings was presented a plea of life suspending all but 20 years with 5 years on probation for first-degree murder, and a concurrent 20 years, the first five years without parole, for use of a firearm during a violent crime. Jennings and his defense attorney John Hassett rejected the plea. 

According to court documents, in June 2011, Jennings allegedly shot the victim Watson in the neck on the 2500 block of Boarman Avenue, leaving the victim with several medical complications including paralysis. 

Jennings is set for trial on Oct. 17. 

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