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If you listen to Mayor Scott or Commissioner Worley,it sounds like things are getting better. Homicides and shootings are down. The city is turning around.  The criminal justice system is working.

Yet , when we talk to the communities where young people are increasingly both victims and perpetrators of violence, things are only getting worse. 

So what’s true? The answer lies in reliable, independent data and criminal justice reporting that can only be found at  Baltimore Witness. State’s Attorney Ivan Bates relied on our data in his campaign. The BPD has increased what it tells the public because of our reporting. This year, we created the Victim Notification System that, for the first time in any city in the US, sends out real-time push notifications alerts about developments in on-going court cases. 

That would seem like a public service the city should do, but it cannot. So, we did.  In just a matter of months more than 3,000 people have signed up. 

We don’t pepper every post with requests for funding, nor do we take advertisements. 

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