Getaway Driver in Fell’s Point Shooting Begins Trial

Baltimore Courthouse

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Defense counsel and the prosecution argued the liability of an accused getaway driver on Jan. 20 in connection to an attempted murder in Fell’s Point last year.

According to the prosecution, 26-year-old Nathan Presberry “aided and counseled” his co-defendants—Joel Duncan, 26, and Luciano Bruno, 27—in their endeavor to shoot three individuals following a scuffle at The Admiral’s Cup restaurant and bar in the early morning hours of Jan. 15, 2022. After being kicked out of the bar, Duncan and Bruno allegedly called Presberry and a fourth co-defendant, 32-year-old Ronald Maranto, to pick them up, which they did in a black Toyota RAV4.

Duncan was recently found guilty on Jan. 17.

Video evidence captured the vehicle parking nearby just before the same three individuals allegedly approached.

“Gunfire can be seen emanating from the Toyota RAV4,” the prosecutor told the jury during his opening statement. The shooting injured one victim while the other two were uninjured.

John Deros, Presberry’s defense attorney, argued that the alleged victims “were nothing but bad news” and were “looking for trouble” on the night of the incident. Furthermore, Deros disagreed with the prosecution’s notion that the four co-defendants were on the lookout for the victims.

“It’s not being on the lookout for people to harm; it’s being on the lookout to see if [they] were going to be chased out of Fell’s Point by these people,” Deros told the jury.

Presberry’s trial proceeded Friday afternoon and is expected to continue on Jan. 23.

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