Failure to Select Jury Postpones Co-Defendants’ Attempted Murder Trial for Second Time

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After three days of trying to select a jury, the attempted homicide trial of Ravanna Cornish and Dajuan Rheubottom was rescheduled for April 2023, the prosecutor assigned to the case informed Baltimore Witness.

The two co-defendants were initially scheduled for trial in April 2022 in connection to an incident in September 2021. Both defendants are charged with conspiracy to first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, and several weapons charges.

On Nov. 30, Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa Copeland began the jury selection process. A bailiff told Baltimore Witness later that week that the selection process had to restart after someone was caught taking pictures of jurors in the hallway.

Baltimore Witness is unaware of any other reasons behind the unsuccessful selection process.

Cornish, 40, and Rheubottom, 25, are represented by defense attorneys Robert Cole and Maureen O’Leary, respectively.

The prosecutor in the case told Baltimore Witness on Dec. 7 that the case was eventually rescheduled for April 18, 2023.

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