Drunken Shooter Rejects Five-Year Plea, Will Proceed to Trial

A non-fatal shooting defendant rejected five years without parole on March 9 and will proceed with a jury trial in mid-May.

After being released on home detention in December 2022, 47-year-old Donnale Hines declined the prosecution’s plea offer of 10 years, suspending all but five years without parole and three years of supervised probation on Thursday for firearm possession with a felony conviction.

The prosecution and defense attorney Brad MacFee agreed to a two-day trial that Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa Phinn scheduled for May 17 before Judge Althea Handy.

During the defendant’s bail hearing last year, the prosecution informed the court that Hines was drunkenly firing a handgun before proceeding to a nearby liquor store on Nov. 2, 2022. When Baltimore Police arrived, Hines was pointing the gun “in some unknown direction” and then dropped the weapon.

He was also found with drugs on his person and in his vehicle.

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