Defense Reports Not Receiving Discovery Mailed to Him in Murder Trial, Prosecutor Will Resend Digitally

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A stand-in for defense attorney Roland Harris IV informed Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa M. Phinn on Feb. 7 that he had yet to receive the discovery in the case of his client who is accused of murder.

The prosecutor informed Judge Phinn that she shipped the discovery in the case of Knowledge Hamilton on Jan. 19, and that this was not the first time this law office had reported not receiving discovery.

The attorney standing in for Harris confirmed that the address was missing the floor number, which may account for the undelivered package.

The assistant state’s attorney assigned to the case said she would resend the discovery digitally to the defense counsel.

When asked if there was a plea to offer the defendant, the prosecutor said she would be sending one along with the discovery.

Hamilton, 23, is charged with first-degree murder, two counts of firearm use in a felony violent crime, attempted first and second-degree murder, first and second-degree assault, use of a deadly weapon with the intent to injure, having a loaded handgun on his person and possessing a firearm with a felony conviction in connection in connection with the murder of 36-year-old Turrell Davis and the shooting of another man on Sept. 14, 2022.

The defendant is expected to begin trial on April 10.

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