Defense and Prosecution Ill-Prepared to Start Attempted Murder Trial

Prosecutors said they had no offer for an attempted murder defendant on Sept. 13 before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Melissa Phinn.

The trial for Deshun Smith was scheduled to begin on Sept 13, but neither the prosecution nor the defense was prepared to begin. 

The assistant state’s attorney assigned to the case said he had not told the victims that they were to start that day and instead had marked Sept. 19.

Defense attorney Ronald S. Harris IV said he had yet to review new evidence he had received on Aug. 31 and requested they delay starting the trial until he had time to review it.

Smith, 19, is charged with first and second-degree attempted murder, first and second-degree assault, firearm use in a felony violent crime, reckless endangerment, having a handgun on his person, and discharging a firearm.

On March 7, police transported a 20-year-old man to the hospital after finding him on the 1100 block of Sargeant Street around 11:45 a.m. The victim was suffering from a non-fatal gunshot wound. Smith was arrested that day in connection with the shooting.

Smith reluctantly waived his Hick’s date of Nov. 12, which is his right to be tried within 180 days of his or his attorney’s first court appearance.

His trial date is scheduled for Dec. 12, which is the earliest date the prosecution was available, before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Charles M. Blomquist

Smith is also facing additional gun charges and the possession of a firearm as a minor in two separate cases.

The assistant state’s attorney said they would proceed with the other two cases pending the result of his attempted murder trial.

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