Defendant Pleads Guilty to Parking Garage Shooting

An attempted murder defendant pleaded guilty to lesser charges at Baltimore City Circuit Court on Nov. 18.

Juwell Goldman, 25, was charged with first and second-degree attempted murder as well as numerous assault, armed robbery, robbery, theft, and firearm-related charges.

On Thursday, the prosecution offered Goldman a plea of 18 months for second-degree assault, two years for illegal possession of a regulated firearm, and six months for second-degree escape from law enforcement, all to be served consecutively.

Goldman accepted the plea before defense attorney Jason Silverstein and Judge Anthony F. Vittoria.

The prosecution informed the judge that, around 2 a.m. on  Dec. 8, 2019, Baltimore Police Department officers heard commotion in a parking garage along Guilford Avenue and South Street and went to investigate.

Officers saw Goldman along with several other assailants surrounding the victim and others. The defendant quickly ran toward the south stairwell of the garage to escape but was later identified by his bright pink hoodie and found by officers on the street near his car.

Officers also learned that Goldman had an existing arrest warrant, but prosecution did not provide additional details. 

After his arrest, the prosecutor said, Goldman managed to break free and escape from police custody but was later apprehended once again.

The parking garage surveillance cameras verified Goldman as the assailant. He was allegedly wearing a pink hoodie.

Police later executed a search warrant of Goldman’s car, where they found a handgun.

The prosecution said that when police took statements from the victim and other witnesses, the victim said it was someone in a pink hoodie who punched the victim. Additionally, witnesses told officers that the person in the pink hoodie fired a gunshot.

Silverstein refuted this statement in court on Thursday and told Judge Vittoria that witnesses said that his client was not involved in the actual shooting.

The prosecution proceeded to read the victim’s most recent statement, which included many details about their “high sense of anxiety” and how they will “never be the same” after that night.

Judge Vittoria accepted the defendant’s guilty plea to second-degree assault, illegal possession of a regulated firearm, and second-degree escape.