Defendant Found Guilty of Involuntary Manslaughter in BB Gun Shooting

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The jury reached a verdict for a defendant charged with first-degree murder on Dec. 5 before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Dana M. Middleton presiding.  

Taiwan Mitchell, 41, was charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, possession of a pellet gun, discharging a pellet gun, as well as three lesser offenses of involuntary manslaughter, second-degree murder and second-degree assault in connection with the death of 36-year-old Roy Cantler III in November 2021.

According to documents from the District Court of Maryland, on Nov. 13, 2021, Baltimore Police officers responded to the 2200 block of Christian Street after calls of a possible overdose. Upon arriving, they found Cantler laying on his back with a large pool of blood around his head and face.

Cantler was then taken to Shock Trauma hospital, where he died two days later as a result from complications caused by a BB pellet lodged in his brain.    

Cantler’s girlfriend, a victim of the crime as well, served as a witness in the trial. Baltimore Witness reported she saw Mitchell going into a room where Cantler was shot.

However, Mitchell’s defense attorney ,Staci Pipkin, stated the girlfriend’s testimony was inconsistent.  

After deliberating for only a day, the jury returned with a verdict. They found Mitchell guilty of possession of a pellet gun, discharging a pellet gun and two lesser counts of involuntary manslaughter and second-degree assault.

However, Mitchell was found not guilty of first-degree murder and second-degree murder, with attempted first-degree murder not sent to the jury.  

Mitchell’s sentencing is slated to take place on May 10, 2024, with Judge Robert K. Taylor Jr. expected to preside. 

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