Defendant ‘Executed’ Victim in W. Saratoga Street Shooting, Prosecutor Says

Baltimore Courthouse

“He’s a man, not an executioner.”

During opening statements on Jan. 25, defense counsel in the jury trial of Donte Brown adamantly denied the defendant’s alleged involvement in the murder of 22-year-old Tavon Hutton, picking apart the prosecution’s argument and lack of evidence.

Brown, 40, is accused of fatally shooting Hutton around 6:30 p.m. on March 5, 2021, on the 400 block of W. Saratoga Street. The defendant, who is represented by defense attorneys Natalie Finegar and Roland Brown, is currently facing first-degree murder and five weapons charges.

According to the prosecutor, the defendant Donte Brown “executed” Hutton, shooting him five times, which she said was captured on “close-up” video surveillance footage. She told the jury they would see the video footage at some point in the trial and to pay attention to what the defendant was wearing, specifically his red shoes.

When Roland Brown addressed the jurors, he questioned the prosecution’s comment on the red shoes, noting that the shoes were never recovered or found on the defendant—something a jury would expect from the prosecution if being used as evidence against someone. The individual in the footage was also wearing a mask, he explained, so the prosecution can’t confirm the defendant was the shooter.

“Whoever committed this crime is not in the courtroom,” Roland Brown said.

Testimony began Wednesday morning before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Videtta Brown and was expected to continue in the afternoon.

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