Defendant Continues to Receive Praise for Complying with Treatment and Probation

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“You keep us going!” Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Gale E. Rasin told defendant Genesis Collins Jr. during a mental health court hearing on June 7.

Collins, 52, continues to receive praise for complying with his mental health treatment program and probation. 

“It worked. You made it work. You help us keep the faith,” said Judge Rasin after hearing Collins was actively attending his meetings, taking his medications, and working five days a week.

Judge Rasin extended an invite to Collins to come back and visit after his probation ends, which is set for early 2024.

During the hearing on Wednesday, Collins reported to have celebrated four years of sobriety on May 15. That same weekend, Collins said he went to visit his mother’s grave for Mother’s Day.

In 2013, Collins pleaded guilty to manslaughter. According to the Baltimore Sun, he was convicted for setting himself on fire on May 5, 2011, and then holding onto his mother, Audrey Collins, who sustained severe burns that she died from months later. 

Judge Rasin has scheduled another status hearing in mental health court for July 26.

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