Defendant Claims ‘Self-Defense’ in Double Homicide, Bail Denied 

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A Baltimore man was denied bail on July 3 for what he claims was killing two armed men and wounding another in self-defense.

Darius Daye, is being charged with two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of firearm use in a felony violent crime for two murders on Jan. 19. 

In Daye’s bail review before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge Anthony F. Vittoria, his attorney, Chris Purpura argued that Daye was not a flight risk and that he shot three victims to protect his life.

According to Purpura, Daye, 21, is employed as a mechanic and a security guard licensed to carry a weapon as well as being a high school graduate.

The night of the incident, Daye and two other colleagues were working on a car when three armed men entered the auto repair shop. In addition to Daye, another person on the scene had a license to wear and carry a concealed firearm.

One of the armed men approached Daye’s colleague at gunpoint, demanded his firearm then allegedly shot him.

Daye allegedly then took out his firearm, shot and killed two of the armed men and tried to leave but his vehicle was trapped in snow. The last armed man followed Daye outside and Daye allegedly shot him but he survived. Daye later took his injured colleague to the hospital.

Daye is only charged with the two homicides.

After the shooting, Purpura stated that Daye contacted 911,  went to police, handed in his phone, turned in his gun voluntarily at the hospital and gave complete statements to police. Police released him and arrested him in March.

Daye was denied bail based on the seriousness of the offense.
His trial is scheduled before Judge Melissa K. Copeland on July 26.

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