Courts Slash Felony Case Backlog by Half in Past 10 Months

The Baltimore City Circuit Court’s backlog of felony cases dropped 18 percent in June, clearing 222 cases.

The court has halved its felony case backlog in the past 10 months, bringing the count down from 2,037 cases in August 2021 to 1,000 cases as of July 1, 2022.

The last increase in the felony case backlog was in January 2022 when an additional 150 cases were added to the backlog in February 2022.

In the past five months, the felony case backlog has decreased 38 percent.

Backlogged misdemeanor cases only declined from 21 cases in May to 19 cases in June. The misdemeanor backlog last increased from 87 cases in February to 134 cases in March.

Since March, the misdemeanor case backlog has dropped nearly 86 percent as of June 30.