Convicted Manslaughter Defendant Continues to Do ‘Everything Right’ During Treatment, Judge Says

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Ten years after his manslaughter conviction, Genesis Collins Jr. was commended for continuing his treatment program during a mental health court hearing on April 27.

Collins’ defense attorney, Sharon Bogins Eberhart, joined a Baltimore City prosecutor, Collins’ probation officer, and Circuit Court Judge Gale Rasin on Wednesday for a routine status hearing. The 52-year-old defendant was initially sentenced for manslaughter in 2013 for setting himself on fire and jumping onto his mother, Audrey Collins, on May 5, 2011, causing her death four months later.

“You continue to do everything you’re supposed to be doing,” Judge Rasin said on Wednesday. “…You’re just doing everything right.”

Eberhart praised Collins for being “great as usual,” while his probation officer told him to “keep up the good work.”

Collins, who is scheduled to return to mental health court on June 7, concluded the hearing by informing the court that he will be celebrating his fourth month of sobriety in May.

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