Convicted Homicide Defendant’s Probation Violation Hearing Postponed

A 32-year-old convicted homicide defendant’s probation violation hearing was postponed to next month after retaining new defense counsel earlier this week.

Pierre Harris appeared before Baltimore City Circuit Court Judge LaZette Ringgold-Kirksey on Jan. 27 to discuss a violation of probation in connection to a September 2009 homicide. Harris was tried and convicted of handgun use in a crime of violence and second-degree murder two years later and was sentenced to 15 years, suspending all but five years with three years of supervised probation and a consecutive sentence of 20 years, suspending all but ten years, and three years of supervised probation, respectively.

Defense attorney Brandon Patterson informed the court on Friday that he was recently retained by the defendant and needed time to prepare for mitigation.

“I think it would be an admission, but the work, in this case, would be what the court would do as far as sentencing,” Patterson said.

The defense attorney noted that he and the prosecution have talked about sentencing recommendations, but no details were discussed during Friday’s proceedings.

Judge Ringgold-Kirksey rescheduled Harris’ hearing for Feb. 27 at 9:30 a.m.

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