Case of Baltimore Man Charged with Murdering Partner Listed As Inactive

The case of a Baltimore man charged with fatally stabbing his partner was listed as inactive during reception court on Sept. 24 before Baltimore City Circuit Judge Melissa K. Copeland.

Billy Johnson, 31, is charged with second-degree murder and use of a deadly weapon with the intent to injure in connection to an incident on Dec. 22, 2020.

The prosecution nor the defense attorney, Matthew Connell, provided information as to why the case is currently inactive. 

According to Fox 5 News, Johnson admitted to police that he stabbed his boyfriend, Brandon Flemming, in the back with a pocket knife after an argument in his home on the 2500 block of Woodland Avenue. Johnson said the victim approached him while Johnson had the knife in his hand, and Johnson stabbed Flemming in response. 

Neither man called 911 or sought medical care.

Flemming later called out of work and told relatives he wasn’t feeling well but did not mention the stab wound. Johnson ultimately called 911 when his boyfriend was no longer responsive. 

Flemming was pronounced dead at the scene once medical care arrived. 

Johnson is currently being held and is scheduled to reappear for reception court on Nov. 8.